Teddy Bears Room

Our Teddy Bears Room is run by four permanent nursery practitioners who were chosen for their ability to provide high quality pre-school activities in preparation for primary education.
Activities are centred around the children’s interests with the focus being on encouraging the children to interact and develop their social and personal skills. These activities are taken to the level of The National Curriculum, based on The Early Years Foundation Stage.
The greatest changes noted by parents are in the rapid development of knowledge and abilities as children learn through play. Days are built around varied activities allowing children to learn through discussion and exploration.
Children at pre-school stage form school-type friendships, parents often notice that the conversation on the way home from nursery revolves around what their child and a few friends did together.
Children leaving Burstead Bears Day Nursery are typically well equipped to take on the curriculum at primary school and more often than not are more advanced than what is actually required by the school.
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