The welfare of our children is absolutely paramount! We therefore take every possible measure to ensure their safety while at our day nursery in Essex.
Parents feel confident about leaving their children at Burstead Bears Day Nursery located in Billericay, because as well as having a high ratio of quality early years childcare specialists, we also have a number of state of the art security features built into the fabric of the nursery.”

These include

Secure Live Nursery Cameras

With our secure Internet Viewing System, parents can view live images of their children securely. Live Nursery Cam is an easy way to follow your child's daily routine, to watch your child interact with others and to keep up with your child's development.

Video entry system

Our entrance gate is secured with a video intercom and buzzer system. This enables staff to see and hear who is at the entrance, thereby ensuring that only authorised persons gain entry to the premises.

CCTV system

which is recording 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure your child's safety from the outside.

Fully enclosed grounds

Our grounds are surrounded by decorative security wrought iron railings and six foot fences.

Burglar/fire alarm

We have installed a sophisticated burglar and smoke alarm system that is serviced twice a year and is monitored 24 hours a day.

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