Burstead Bears Day Nursery is one of only a very select number of nurseries in Essex that has been presented with the Gold Award for Healthy Eating and the 5 Star Award of Excellence for Hygiene, both being the highest awards of their type.
Our kitchen provides a healthy, nutritional and well balanced diet for your child. All the food is freshly prepared on the premises daily by our resident cook. The children enjoy a varied menu that rotates every three weeks, so your child will not sample the same meal more than once in any three-week period. The kitchen will blend meals and snacks for those babies who are still weaning. In the event that certain foods are unable to be blended, we will provide a healthy alternative.
What if my baby is on breast or formula milk?
Burstead Bears Day Nursery welcomes you to bring expressed or formula milk in bottles labelled with your child’s name. This will be given to your child at the times you state and we will record how much your child has had.
What if my child has a special dietary requirement?
Our kitchen can cater for any special dietary requirements, whether it is for religious grounds, or for children who are lactose intolerant or vegan.

Safe Feeding

We Introduce food from around 6 months- following the parents lead.
We always sit with the children when they are eating.
We use a highchair or ensure the children are sat upright & alert at the table.
We encourage the children to chew properly & not to rush when eating.

Gagging vs Choking


Gagging is a perfectly normal reflex and can be common when weaning. Gagging is loud and may cause your child to go red in the face, or even be sick.


Choking is silent. Your child may turn blue if they are choking. If your child has black or brown skin you may notice that their gums, inside their lips & fingernails turn blue.


All staff at Burstead Bears attend a paediatric first aid course every 3 years. We also refresh our knowledge yearly through online training.

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