The nursery’s Sun Bears and Moon Bears Rooms are run by two permanent nursery practitioners in each room. These members of staff were chosen for their ability to help the children learn through fun and exciting experiences.
This is the time for your child to become more independent and confident in their surroundings. Young children can quickly become bored at this stage so the staff are trained in keeping your child’s interest in various activities such as sand, water, play-dough, dressing up and role play.
Your child will be introduced to colours, shapes, sorting and counting, which develops physical and intellectual skills. The children also enjoy group activities including singing, dancing and acting out action rhymes.
In both rooms children are encouraged to interact and share with other children and are given help in developing their social skills. The staff are ready to help fulfil all your child’s needs and encourage each stage of their development, such as potty training and feeding themselves.
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